About Price’s Creameries

Our History

Price’s™ Creameries was founded in 1906 by Mary Price and was the first dairy to supply El Paso with milk. It started with one cow and 11 customers on its delivery route. Today Price’s has over 152 products and has developed a processing system that ensures consistency and the highest quality in its production of milk, cottage cheese, juice, ice cream and much more. Price’s is proud to be able to support El Paso, Southern New Mexico and Mexico with quality products, service and through sponsorship of community events.


Below is a map of the territory, in red, Price’s Creameries covers:


Did you know?

  • To make a gallon of milk, a cow must drink two gallons of water?
  • Cows drink 30 to 40 gallons of water each day?
  • Cows eat approximately 40 pounds a day and are fed up to eight times a day?
  • Cows have a four-part stomach to help digest and produce the raw material that makes milk?
  • Milk leaves the cow at 101 degrees Fahrenheit and is promptly cooled and stored at 40 degrees Fahrenheit?
  • It takes 2 days for milk to go from the cow to the grocery store?
  • A cow makes milk after she has a calf and continues to produce milk after the calf is weaned?
  • There are two ingredients in milk that make it so healthy: 1) Calcium, a major nutrient for humans that is necessary for strong bones and teeth 2) Vitamin D, a nutrient required by humans to produce healthy bones?