Art – A Positive Alternative!

For: Creative Kids`
Location: El Paso Area
Description: Creative Kids is an organization that concentrates on bringing art education and activities to the children of El Paso. Creative Kids visits schools and other agencies to provide these type programs for children. In addition, they have a junior art studio where they hold workshops. Grants from Price’s™ Creameries Give’Em Five Fund have enabled them to continue their endeavors with programs such as Project MAP (Making Arts Possible), and AIM (Arts in Motion). These programs reach out to children who do not have the formal and systematic opportunities to experience the arts. They focus on disadvantages and disabled children to help them find voices and channels for expressing thought, feeling, and ideas through the arts. These programs have also given “at risk” youth opportunities to learn new talents and develop a sense of self, well-being, and belonging. ART – A POSITIVE ALTERNATIVE!
Contact: (915) 565-2711