Enhance Reading With Accelerated Reading Books

For: Yucca Elementary School
Location: Alamogordo, NM
Description: Yucca Elementary was able to expand their existing library with Accelerated Reading books that were purchased through Price’s Give’Em Five Fund. These books came with software that upon completion of the book , the students are able to test their comprehension. The children were so excited with all the new books that they were coming into the library not only in their designated time, but also during “open” library time to check out more of the new books. They have checked out, read, and taken more tests that the previous years. Teachers have reported that their comprehension scores are remaining quite high. Susan Johnson, Principal, says “We are pleased to see them enjoying the new books, reading more, and continuing to show good comprehension”. During silent reading time in the upper grades, students were more likely to be reading a new Accelreated Reader book than any other material. This program has helped them to develop a love for reading!
Contact: (915) 565-2711