Give ‘Em Five

GEF_logoGive ‘Em Five® is Price’s™ Creameries largest community outreach effort. The program is designed to provide a source of additional funding to assist community organizations and schools in planning, developing and implementing innovative programs and creative opportunities which result in increased student achievement.

From March of 1999 to March of 2016, Price’s Give ‘Em Five Fund contributed over $4,750,000 to El Paso and Southern New Mexico community organizations and schools for a variety of projects, including playground equipment, reading programs, field trips, library books, computers, and more.

Give ‘Em Five provides funds for community events such as Kids Excel, UTEP, Creative Kids, and Insights Museum.

Group Of Elementary Age Schoolchildren Answering Question In ClaFunds may be used for:

  • Equipment (playgrounds, sports, band, etc.)
  • Books (other than textbooks)
  • Computer software (no hardware)
  • Student supplies
  • Local field trips
  • Educational field trips
  • Other needs are considered as well

How Can I Participate?

There are two parts of the Give ‘Em Five Fund. The First part is the Cap program. Students collect caps. Schools turn them in to Price’s and a check is written directly to the school for the total number of caps at five cents for gallon and half gallon caps and one cent for Chugs caps. It’s that easy.

Purpose_logo_stacked (1)The second part of the Give ‘Em Five Fund is even easier. All you have to do is buy the product and Price’s does the rest. For example, for every gallon of milk sold, four points goes into the Give ‘Em Five Fund/ Four points equals four cents. A half gallon of milk is two points, equaling two cents.

Every Price’s product from Chugs to Country Charm cottage cheese is assigned a specific point value, creating the budget for the Give ‘Em Five grants program, which awards grants throughout the area.

If you followed the simple formulas for both the Give ‘Em Five Cap program and the Give ‘Em Five Grants program, you will agree that we could rename the fund, Give ‘Em Nine, but we won’t.

What Do the Schools Have to Do?

To help promote the programs, Price’s requests that your school agrees to incorporate information about the Give ‘Em Five Fund within the school as well as including articles and other explanatory pieces in school and district newsletters. Price’s is always available to provide Give ‘Em Five Fund printed materials and deliver them to your school. Another key element is communication with school staff, students and parents. Price’s staff is available to attend staff, PTA and PTO meetings to help raise awareness. Price’s also works with schools to provide class incentives such as cookies and milk or ice cream parties for the classes that collect the most caps.

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Grant Guidelines

A team composed of community members reviews all applications and uses the following point system to evaluate each application:

  • Needs Statement 20 points
  • Purpose and Objectives 20 points
  • Program Description 20 points
  • Student Involvement 20 points
  • Creativity 5 points
  • Evaluation 10 points
  • Format and Cohesiveness 5 points

Deadline for accepting grants is October 15 of each year. Please mail grant applications to:
Give ‘Em Five Fund
c/o Price’s Creameries
600 North Piedras
El Paso, Texas 79903
For more information, please call 915-565-2711